Life Is Strange (Fan Art)

The goal of this piece for me was to really capture the essence of the character contained in her room. Telling the story of who she was, what her interests were, etc. While of course my goal was to honor the original life is strange feel, it was also exciting to push some of my own lighting and material ideas as well. Total Creation time for scene: 7 weeks from start to finish. Magazines, posters, dvd cases, and some clothing were modular elements created using marvelous designer 5 in tandem with painter and photoshop. Rendered realtime in unreal 4, texture map sized 2048 default except for texture atlases.

Corey hill highresscreenshot00001

Beauty 01

Corey hill highresscreenshot00002

Beauty 02

Corey hill highresscreenshot00003

Beauty 03

Corey hill highresscreenshot00004

Beauty 04

Corey hill highresscreenshot00005

Detail 01

Corey hill highresscreenshot00006

Detail 02

Corey hill highresscreenshot00007

Detail 03

Corey hill texture breakdown

Texture Breakdown

Hero Prop Marmoset Viewer

Corey hill wow

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