Corey hill beauty 01

Beauty Shot 01

Corey hill beauty 02

Beauty Shot 02

Corey hill beauty 03

Beauty Shot 03

Corey hill beauty 04

Beauty Shot 04

Corey hill beauty 07

Beauty Shot 07

Corey hill beauty 08

Beauty Shot 08

Corey hill detail 05

Detail Lighting 03

Corey hill detail 03

Detail Lighting 01

Corey hill detail 02

Detail Lighting 04

Corey hill detail 01

Detail Lighting 05

Corey hill update sshot

Before and After Shot

Corey hill dsc0001 final 3 1s

Base Reference Image

Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine is a passion project of mine that was based around a bar titled waxy o'connors. My goal was to push the mood and cinematic feel of the scene. Due to this it required the re-use of various assets such as the chairs, bar menus, and wine/alcohol bottles. Texture map sizes vary from 512 and 1024s for alcohol texture atlas, and 2048 maps for larger one off pieces such as the bar island in the center. Total time to complete scene around 3.5 weeks from start to finish. Programs used Maya, Unreal (4.11), Painter, Designer (seamless wood texture for floors), photoshop for decal/poster edits.

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