The Botanist's Sanctuary (2016)

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Botanist 01

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Botanist 02

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Botanist 03

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Botanist 06

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Botanist 04

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Thiago Klafke's Work - Inspiration

The Botanist's Sanctuary (2016)

With such a high bar set by Thiago Klafke and his project ZEST (, I really wanted to add additional supporting silhouettes in the ivy that has grown out of control. One of my other focus' lay in the use of modularity in windows, walls, and floors and foliage.
Also with this project, I wanted to explore the use of ivy prop-set(s) generated from an Ivy plugin for Autodesk Maya. The plants are generated from a Speed Tree plant library.
The overall story is that an older gentleman having more in common with plantlife than with humans decides to take a risky mission to another planet. On this planet, he becomes a master botanist, but being the age he is he spends the majority of his evenings tinkering away with electronics to take care of his plants and ivy when he has long passed, and so he did. Re-uploaded.