Project Bananas Re-Design and Back to Personal Work!

Work In Progress / 22 November 2020

Hey Guys! Long time no chat, between working for a little while at High Moon Studios on the latest Call of Duty and then moving an entirely different direction with my amazing new job at Happy Mushroom. I've been there for almost five months now and it's been an incredible and wonderful experience and I've learned so much that I get to bring forth into this project. It's been on the backburner for awhile with the busy-ness that life brings such as constant moves, new jobs, new people, and awesome challenges, but also with the downside of health complications. Those have since remedied themselves to a degree that I've been able to get a bit more into the positive mindset again personally and get back into personal work. This is a piece that im hoping to have done to the level I want by summer or so of next year. There's tons of things like cinematics, and presentation, and lighting, and all of that that I really want to make this my best and biggest piece yet. I'll be using PHG, splines, and really pushing myself to learn some technical additions to my toolbelt. Without further ado I hope you enjoy, and as always please feel free to leave a comment or suggestions, or anything really! Cheers!
Next Steps: Assetize new Bldg, uv, lightmap, texture in painter

Set Up Street System BLO for BP Prep

Place Modular BLO bldgs to be re-modeled off Ref

(Same Silhouette)

Fix Sidewalk - Right Side - Gas Station

Top Down Map of street Layout to Organize

turning lanes, decals, etc. - Photoshop

Test BLO - Train - Beach Area?

Assetize List




Windows Skyscraper

Sewer Cap - Secret Base

Floor Tiles








Project Bananas Update

Work In Progress / 06 October 2018

At home sick with celiac bs and plugging away modeling. Here's what I've been up to recently. Designing the first major architecture for my thesis. It's been challenging and fun and it's certainly been a good way to evaluate ways to improve my workflow. 

Going for a Sleeping Dogs meets Watch Dogs vibes set in the theme of the novel 1984 (all the doges). Critiques and comments always welcomed! I hope you guys dig it, still so much to do!  -_-