What's Next? Exciting new turns in life!

General / 21 January 2018

What's Next: The next chapter of my Art Career

The thing that I truly enjoy about life is that it can take you on a million different paths. From school, to the industry, back to school. And all the while there's that deep voice inside shouting STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU IDIOT!?! Mixing in a slew of curse words so it matches my inner voice.

Making a decision to shift from continuing to progress in the game development industry to going back to school is one I have thought many long and hard nights about. There's always the voice telling me, oh you're 28 by the time you finish your master thesis man you're gonna be oooooold for the industry *pfft*. In the end, after a few nights of torturing myself, I ended up deciding to return to school and pursue one of my dream goals of teaching game art at the university level. Each time in my life I've stood on this weird precipice of fear and anixety and self-doubt. Often the garbs of an artist, let alone a normal human being, I think the scary part is just how exacerbated it is by social media itself. We log onto sites like Facebook and Instagram, and for some of us it's an advertising means or simply a way of staying connected with fellow artists. For some more than others, especially those in remote locations, social media and art websites can be a fantastic way of feeling connected to our industry, but there's also the other side that depicts pretty much the happiest moments of everyone's lives. The trips to cabo or hawaii, spring break in cancun, etc. We often only see the prettiest things and this is true for our art as well. Well what does this long spiel mean? 

Absolute silence. Peace and relaxation for me. Teaching is something I have absolutely always loved doing, and a teacher is something I feel I am at my core both as an artist an person. So while I am returning to the Academy of Art in San Francisco with my end goal of becoming a professor at a university, it makes me happy once again to be a student, and this time around I am incredibly excited to make sure that I maintain that mentality of always learning and always trying to improve. The past year dealing with various serious health concerns while trying to deal with the industry grind has been an incredibly eye opening experience. My time at Insomniac was likely honestly the best experience all around I've had in my life. The passion and dedication that each and every employee had was inspiring and it made me realize that with my health concerns that I was no longer the Corey that I feel I used to be, both as an artist and person. So with that I did the scariest option imaginable.

I pressed the RESET button.

And so here we are, many long nights of isolated meditation and important decision making later.

A little older, and hopefully a little wiser, this time around I am excited to really pay proper attention to my physical health as well as my mental health as an artist because being an artist is already quite difficult. 

So what's next? My Master thesis!

For a long time I've been very inspired by narrative driven gameplay and games that really take concepts outside of the box. Games like Inside are and have been a breath of fresh air, and more often than ever I feel a pretty great resurgence of entertaining narrative based gameplay. So for my thesis my focus is on cinematic quality driven assets and narrative. So while I start to flesh out some thesis designs and ideas I'd like to introduce a super basic page and basically an elevator pitch of my thesis and I hope you guys dig the idea!


The story of a man's loss of identity from early-onset Alzheimer's while on vacation wandering the streets of Tokyo. And his daughter’s attempt to help him relive his past glory while finding her own.

Our story begins w a man named Foster. He's a simple man, in his mid 40s with a passion for wildlife photography. He was wildly successful in Seattle but has retired due to unknown health concerns. With Foster’s memory growing increasingly worse he feels the stress of a 30 year career has got to him and he decides to head on a vacation with his 20 year old daughter Judith to Japan to clear his thoughts. What happens next is an interesting character driven narrative. Foster is bedridden in a Japanese hospital, and his daughter Judith takes his camera and begins an exploratory side scrolling journey full of visual payoffs and vista views in order to bring back photographs to help her father remember. 

As time progresses a heavier depth of field begins to take effect in the pictures judith brings her father when the cinematic camera scenes showcase fosters point of view as he begins to lose his memory from the rapid progression of memory loss. To enhance this some textures will be additionally Gaussian blurred in substance painter.

Hope you guys enjoy, have a wonderful Saturday!