Easy like Sunday Morning

General / 15 January 2018

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
― Ernest Hemingway

For a long time, as an artist I was desperately afraid of failure, and I don't mean in the silly nonsense of stretched uv's or even the seriousness of missed deadlines at work. For me, my biggest fear was the failure of letting other art colleagues/friends down. A constant fear that had/has plagued me my entire life. This tornado of anxiety that if I took a step back, took a deep breath in through my nostrils...and exhaled that this small moment would have never become a giant tornado of desperation. 

Letting others down is scary, it is. That pit of misery that basically feels like I chose to do this with the rest of my life and still it wasn't enough. But that's the cool thing guys, it's just one moment in a vast array of many, especially for those of us in which this career is both business and pleasure. It was not until recently, after newly adapting to my mentality of just letting go moments of anxiety and stress. It sounds like I am over-simplifying it, but since objectively taking my moments of stress and analyzing them I have been able to pin-point that most of the issue with me was that I was overcomplicating everything. Trying to remember each and every single facet of every process like I was Good Will Hunting. 

Objectively speaking, after identifying my issues with communication and thought process I realized not only was my workflow cluttered but that it was leading to missteps in other areas, even though I knew the process of creation. Furthermore, I then started to identify a task list each morning after taking about 10 minutes to just sit quietly and think about what I needed to get done for the day and how I was currently feeling. All in all this objective analysis of myself helped lead to improvements in critiquing my work as well. I began to realize even before I was getting anxious when it was approaching and in those moments I now step away from the pc for a bit and either meditate again, watch tv, or just settle down. As this year progresses I want to respect my free time a bit more and explore other hobbies, but for now I'm a happy camper as this project begins to approach completion.

Next Steps:

  • Decal Work
  • Add in Main Hero prop focal element for mid/bg (Ladder leaning against survivor loft w sign draped down saying Surv Inside).
  • Unwrapping and Texturing Hot Dog on a Stick
  • Unwrapping and texturing back and front retaining walls

Final Presentation Plans:

  • Set of Beauty Shots, Detail Lighting, and 2 Wireframes
  • Slow fly-through with spliced camera angles as the scene is currently not full enough to be able to warrant a full 360 FT
  • Explore 360 render screenshot with angle limits?
  • Materials and Hero prop breakdowns
  • Night Time Render

Without further ado onto the screenshots ladies and gentlemen! Have a great week!