Chugging onwards!

General / 02 January 2018

Update time:

Previously we discussed having accountability in assets even if they are background useless props. So moving forward I wanted to provide an update. The first image is the before, followed by the second, with a small kitbash of continued asset work in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Before: We will re-identify the issues below for those who do not wish to go back to previous blog posts. 

As previously mentioned there were a variety of problems, and ones even now I continue to notice. 


Too much noise for the viewer. Even if it was a hero prop the texture choices I made were generic and blended inwards into a blob of ugliness. So why did this happen?

Inconsistent Uv's. Uvs of differing sizes, not properly sewn together etc. 

Too much height information

Wood detail and shine not matching entirely well

Leather sofa uvs are on triplanar with the visible planar seam in the front.

Dart board generic and boring, will stand out in a bad way in engine. Needs better board treatment, better uvs, and more realistic roughness map likely.

After: This first set of images are in Marmoset Toolbag 3 with the new ground plane from my loft in a previous update. (in use for grounding the props in images).

Visual Re-Update Couch:



Overall it's important to see that simply setting aside an extra day or two (nice to be on vacation haha!) to properly treat my models with a bit more respect.

We revisited; Texel density, uvs, overall topology, and kitbashing. 

Before: We saw too much height info, and not enough material variety, especially for an upscale beach bungalow area that this is taking place in.

Lastly, as a minor prop, but the changes we made to the dart board was added more geo so it removed the faceting, re-did the uvs and merged some extraneous vertices to center (the needlepoint of the dart on dart board), as well as redid the beanbag entirely.

Cheers guys,

Have a dope rest of your week!