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General / 13 January 2018

Unreal Update 004: Screenshots

The past few days have basically been endless small tweaks that most people would never notice but in the end, generally, help set the scene, or at least the confidence for the artist to discuss it.

Quick Note: If you guys haven't yet be sure to find a way to send artstation your thanks. Much like the endless tweaks we all create as artists that never see the light of day, artstations work often goes unnoticed. The crew is phenomenal and to be able to have a platform where I can not only teach, but learn from others, it's a great blessing to have.

Segwaying into my next point ALWAYS POST YOUR WORK FOR FEEDBACK!

Short Story: A few days ago I had realized that I had been working tirelessly on this project for the past 7 weeks or so at about 12 hours a day, on top of moving, re-enrolling in school, apartment hunting and the like. You can see just how quickly a project, a person, and everything can quickly spiral out of control. I was really burnt out and had just heavily tweaked the lighting and it was U-G-L-Y man. It actually made me really dislike the project and I had to step away for a day. Although others seemed to like the piece, it was a situation of standards meeting expectations I believe. I had a creative vision for this cool project I had invested the last 7 weeks of my life into. Long story short, I was given some excellent critiques about how to better frame my piece compositionally. I was able to use those cool ideas to give me the confidence to steamroll into some small propping and then really adjust the lighting and big picture elements that I was frustrated at previously. Now, a few days later I am much happier with the current progress and feel that this piece finally for the first time in a very long while has risen to meet my standards as an artist currently. Of course, as with all experiences in life we can grow and improve our standards, and so I will continue to do so, but with that said, this is one happy kiddo.

Quick thanks to everyone who has been giving me fantastic feedback but specifically to my art friendos mike marra and brannon rogers. Both really helped me tweak a composition that I was desperately tired of looking at and really dial in and support my scene much more. Cheers you two! Without further ado onto some juicy screenshots! Happy Saturday all!