Discovery Tokyo Thesis Update 001

General / 23 January 2018

Discovery Tokyo:

"The story of a man's loss of identity from early onset Alzheimer's while on vacation wandering the streets of Tokyo. And his daughter’s attempt to help him relive his past glory while finding her own."

Overall Ambience Goal:

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Opening Cinematic Breakdown and Act I Story Treatment:

 -------------------------------------------------------------------Opening Cinematic: Detailed Breakdown----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Near the back stairs will exist a computer/photography workstation and a dim warm orange nightstand lamp.

Basis of camera movements in this shot primarily consists of lateral tracking movements. My primary reason for this opening cinematic

Is to reveal to the player in less than 3 minutes an idea of the story and emotions they will be experiencing.

On the computer workstation is an older model phone, it's violent ring pierces the air during the camera's lateral tracking.

Quick, but not immediately, the screen pans to the workstation on the third ring of the receiver. It's violent movement jars the desktop

Workstation to life and it is revealed to the player at the end of the cinematic tickets to tokyo.

Also on the workstation will be context clues like alzheimer's medication with Foster's name on them, with some of the medication knocked over For additional storytelling.

Lastly in the back of the loft where the loveseats and cushions are; this area will be repurposed to help tell the story of Judith, foster's 20 year 

Old daughter who is the main character of this visual cinematic w some limited gameplay.

Most of the scene will tell a similar story to foster, however while foster was famous for his attunement with nature photography, we find

His daughter Judith is much more interested in the music/rock side of things.

A similar fade out occurs that happened in the beginning of the cinematic.

The next scene that opens will be a cinematic of judith smoking outside a japanese hospital. She puts her cigarette out,

Shuffles the camera around her neck, and the player is introduced to their first playable experience; Act I Sunsets and Streetlamps

  -------------------------------------------------------------------Act One: Sunsets and Streetlamps----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The scene opens up to Judith currently not playable.

She steps out of a hospital and just as quickly as the warm light enveloped her shadow she is even quicker to be greeted by the Tokyo nightlife.

Judith is discernably a low poly character as will be many of the modular background ambient crowd. Most of the crowd much like Judith will be faceless with shapes alluding to faces and such.

Judith moves the lit cigarette from her mouth to the ground and stomps it out as the camera slowly pans out to reveal the first level.

The level consists of the Judith navigating various obstacles to take pictures around the city to bring back to her father.

Level Starts:

The player will be prompted with usual pop ups; simple non invasive ui ones that will inform the player of quick mechanics once they encounter an obstacle;

Ex; Judith begins to walk around Tokyo, as a 2d side scroller and encounters her first photo opportunity; A Tokyo Market with a young kid playing with a low poly cat.

A text prompt will pop up and say," Oh that reminds me of my old cat Wi-fi". The player can then press an assigned button from the prompt and take a picture.

Judith's usual response after getting a photo will be "Dad's going to love this."

Judith continues onwards encountering her first obstacle. A fish truck that is clearing blocking the path of in the 2d side scrolling sense.

The player will quickly find out they can not navigate around as they can walk to the back of the fish truck, and a small overlay will make the truck swap with a lighter opacity material showing the player a dead-end.

Meanwhile low poly fish workers will be passively working unloading crates etc. The goal for the player is to close the truck lid and help these friends on their way.

But how does Judith do this?

Nearby, either before or after the player discovers the dead-end, there is a nearby box of fishes. Your goal is to walk by the fishes, think of the cat and the boy, and through a prompt realize the quest that needs to be done.

Once the quest is complete you will find the almighty millennial pick of destiny: THE SELFIE STICK;

While for the tone of the game a selfie stick seems quite silly, the payoff from a lot of the camera shots from your father will initially hopefully dissipate the silliness of the selfie stick.

With your new t-rex arm unlocked, you can pull down the moving truck door. The fish dock workers are really happy you helped and take another satisfying pick of Judith, and a few workers next to the fish truck.

I haven't decided on how I am going to control time of day mechanics but my plan is to do it through conversational prompt checks;

For example; we've now completed two quests; the time of day starts to shift to sunset. This also alludes to the title Sunsets and streetlamps and your final quest before heading back for the night to your father to show him your pictures in hopes of jogging his memory.

The final quest for your first night in Tokyo;

After the fish truck has been sent on it's way Judith can now move forward to the final sequence which is actually a bit misleading to the game overall because it sequences into 3d.

I will probably achieve this by doing a level load of another map with 3d capabilities.

Judith continues onwards and finds the gate to a nearby gorgeous japanese park blocked off by a park ranger

After a conversational prompt, there will be a warning informing the player of the switch to 3d.

Judith finds herself still her usual look but can now navigate the 3d space of a local japanese park. The goal is to quickly help 2 people;

A mom who is with her young child in a stroller and has lost their pet.

And an american guy on the bridge who is also blocking your path from the final shrine shot before heading home because he's having a breakdown.

The man's problem is that he's basically having a breakdown and his belongings are spread out across the bridge. Judith walks to the bridge and is at first offered a photo prompt;

The player tries to take a photo but the animation decides against it and asks the man if she can help.

The man stands up and leans on the bridge and so does Judith.

She tells a story basically helping pull the guy out of his sadness.

He thanks her and the screen fades out and back in to the guy having gone on his way.

The player can take two photo opportunities, the stream nearby where she helped the man, and the final shrine.

After taking the final pictures Judith says," It's getting late I wonder what dad's up to?"

Scene slowly fades out and into a hospital room for the final cinematic sequence

End credits roll.

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