Project Bananas Quick Update

General / 17 June 2018

Just a quick update to the city. Fleshed out more architectural background elements, toned down the huge composition crushing of the Blackcloud Satellites in the background. Added in my Futuristic hot air balloons which I plan on using a panner for the dangling ads below the balloon silhouettes. For the remainder of this project, I plan on taking the time to move beyond just interesting silhouettes and images that look cool from afar. The next step is to export out each group into Unreal 4, test some base lighting ideas (night, sunset-purplish orange), and then starting from the main hero prop building (Gorilla Joe's Scrap Station), detail out the interior loft and shop, zbrush the high poly modular pieces such as window and sign trims, and then break down which areas can offer areas of rest with repetition. E.g. Tiled walls. This process will be repeated for the gas station as well as the clearview hotel and cyberpunk favela in the background. I will have lower detailed generic pieces for the background buildings which will allow me to embellish some of the closer in frame elements. Like up-ressing the photogrammetry assets I'm using on the bottom left side (beach sand, rocks, and palms).

Compared to before I feel it offers a bit smoother transition along the skyline. While alot of the focus will remain in the foreground it's important to not do what I usually do which is over detail as a whole and have a tendency to get lost in framerate optimization as well as having a well done composition.