Large Project Update 2.0!

General / 03 January 2018

1/3/2017 - Wall Siding and Scrap Shop Update!

Hey there guys, it's a doozy of an update but it catches up the entire project as blogging did not exist on artstation when I was working on this project that has become a bit of a fun beast I plan on taming!

So my past few updates have been rather monotonous in discussion so first off as someone who is a bit newer to this, and looking to make this as easily accessible and learnable as possible, please let me know if there is anyway I can improve, thanks!

Onto today's update:

For most of this scene my main idea was a warm comforting lighting scheme due to it's proximity to the beach, with key elements and metals being of complimentary colors. ex; cobalt blues, or any blue color being the complimentary of the direct warm orange I will be using later on this month in Unreal 4.18.

New Workflow for Organizing;

Before we delve into the substance painter and marmoset screen grabs I wanted to show you generally my uv and kitbashing layout for Maya. 

My uv window is located to the left; this window is docked within the general outliner panel, also the uv toolkit is to the immediate right docked next to the uv editor for quick access to arrange, layout, and transform tools.

In the right window, I've use the create>type as a font, and spaced out the remainder of my scene into how I plan to kitbash the elements. 

Ex; Font type added; text changed to Kitbash Assembly, uv sets and shading groups are then assigned based on similar elements.

Let's break it down real quick for anyone who might be curious:

The immediate left of the screen has wood siding panels with boarded up windows, a similar nearby element is the door with similar elements.

My next steps would be; To then delete modular elements out; 1 wood plank suffices for each window, the wood siding I will keep. 

The oil drum is the modular grounding prop and general when I do personal work I like to be much more free and splice in one non modular element as it makes texturing soooooo much more interesting sometimes in painter when working on so many modular elements. *thumbs up*

Marmoset Toolbag 3: First pass Textures and Wireframes

Screenshot Progression of this Project through the years:

I have no idea if I am different as far as the general public goes when it comes to portfolio approach, however, I personally approach mine as a constant ever evolving re-work. I often take down and put up the same pieces as if I was an interior designer making wallpaper choices, and sometimes this serves me well, and moving forward I definitely plan on continuing this because it feels like my very own way of doing things which feels nice nowadays as an artist.

Originally a few summers ago I had the chance to play Battlefield Hardline and I thought it was such a different take and was incredibly inspired as a student that I thought I would give it a shot. Substance Painter was WAYYYY different back then. Allegorithmic has done such a great job evolving and while it was already setting the standard of pbr design for games, it's nice to see continued pushes for improvement. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag (1 I believe, maybe 2?) Heh.

By then I decided I had progressed as a student enough to move from Marmoset (not an insult to toolbag by any means) to move onto testing these assets in a game engine like unity or unreal. I chose unreal.

On my first pass I thought night would be a great challenge and attempted to match my reference info.

After taking this piece down and putting it back up many times I progressed to a point that you will see before the giant re-work occured.

While happy that I was able to get it to this point, and well into my time at Insomniac Games I wanted to completely erase my art and design choices as I felt only the layout was of use.

Swallowing that pill took about a week, and to be honest we all have projects we genuinely are too attached too for whatever reason, but cutting it off and bringing re-work ideas to general friends and colleagues I came up with a re-work.

Shot Progressions in Maya

Quick Unreal 4 Lighting Test

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