Project Bananas Maya Base Blockout Complete!

General / 17 June 2018

Project Bananas

This project has been a pretty fun foray into the exploration of storytelling in a sci fi universe. Sci-fi really captured my imagination as a child and at one point I was fascinated with everything about the stars. For me the heaviest lifting on this project is in the base exterior. 

Reasons: Exterior Scene: Extremely Large footprint, even by modular standards:

It's a concern because even with modular trim sheets placement, building, optimization, etc will all still be required and factored in on engine side. Maintaining a general balance between optimization and my own little artistic embellishments.

What I added and some General Story

The larger my scenes and ideas become the easier I let myself be in regards to the use of pre-rendered assets. Personally, and agreeably so alot of the pre-rendered assets give a mis-leading idea of skill level in one's portfolio. After all can't anyone make a really cool piece given enough polygons? So limiting myself to the use of assets for background elements was key for me. 

Story: The major story for this scene is the setting of los angeles along the coastline. The buildings and architecture resemble a similar chinatown style kit, whether based in los angeles or san francisco. The rather large satellites and delorean's are some pre-rendered assets I found on turbosquid, lastly paired with the photogrammetry asset of the beach. These sattelites are responsible for the mobile censorship that occurs in this storied universe. There are no mobile technologies and the major hero prop building in this scene, Gorilla Joe's Scrap Shop takes broken mobile handhelds and hack's them past the floating sattelites in the sky.

Current Progress

Moving Forward:

My next steps are to take each building and hero prop which I have subsequently placed into accordingly channel layers. This helps to expedite my process of exporting the assets as fbxs for testing look dev base lighting in Unreal Engine 4. From here once I have exported each set into Unreal into organized folders I will begin to address in order of importance hero props. From there I will take individual kits and begin to sculpt detail on top of them in ZBrush. Baking in either painter or marmoset I can then proceed to replace the fbxs accordingly in Unreal. From there I have a final prop-set of storytelling elements I would like to add, one major one being floating mechnical hot air balloons with neon ad's attached by metal clasps.

Cheers guys and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Corey Hill