Well Hi there folks! Project Bananas Update!

General / 26 October 2018

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Hi guys,

Sorry, I've been away for so long, between the job search, full-time graduate studies, and keeping up with the standards of my thesis has kept me sleep deprived, to say the least! But I finally have some results I can dig as a first pass! I hope you guys enjoy the current progress update! As I move forward I plan on completing the first building that includes the shop I am currently working on.

Important Notes

  • Gorilla Joe's Workshop is a front in the fight against the government.
  • The government has managed to shut down all forms of mobile electronics and devices as a form of mobile censorship
  • This is based in the city of Los Angeles or close to as coastal california as I'd like to go artistically
  • Inspired design and layout wise by Japan and Chinatown Architecture
  • Chinatown plan has been switched to Japantown style due to more formal definitions in Japanese Language for the signs I've created.
  • I am starting with the first and largest architectural building piece first as a way to discover my own workflow
  • This will be the first project I've actually used ZBrush on! This boggles my mind why I always stray away from it and keep all my work in Painter, but now working in tandem with Zbrush and Painter it's allowed me to derive much more information from maps such as cavity, thickness, position, etc. Pairing that with the organizational capabilities of finally also using Material ID Maps, dare I say I finally feel like I am giving my craft the chance to reach it's potential and my hopeful standards.
  • INSPIRATION: Blade Runner, 1984, Jet Set Radio Future, Dystopian cityscapes, Ghost in the Shell.
  • Most of my time is being spent organizing blockouts based on design sheets, matching it with reference, and then finally moving onto the detail stage. From there I now approach Zbrush detailing my Props into organized Prop Sets and detailing them as separate subtools in Zbrush.
  • Exciting Tidbit: I GOT A JOB! Can't say where yet, but needless to say I am so darn excited! Tons to learn and tons to offer. Without further ado, let's get the thing!

Unreal Screens



Maya Screens

NOTE: Some assets are not made by myself and are for storytelling purposes; such assets include the vehicles, the gorilla in the shop, and the trash bags. The remaining work has been done by myself and generally taken from a low-poly block-out to a detailed mid-poly before adjusting and detailing in ZBrush.

ZBrush Detail: Rendered in Marmoset


Substance Painter

Early Design Blockouts

That's all for now folks!

Take care of yourselves, and keep that grind on, passion projects can be great forms of relaxation!