A Midsummer's Afternoon (2016)

Corey hill clyyzdgvyair16u

Beauty Shot - Corey Hill

Corey hill midsummer corey hill 04

Alternative Detail Shot 01

Corey hill midsummer corey hill 05

Alternative Detail Shot 02

Corey hill midsummer corey hill prop set 01

Midsummer's Afternoon Prop Set 01

Corey hill midsummer corey hill 07

Midsummer's Afternoon Before/After - Corey Hill

Corey hill john sweeney rememberinghub

John Sweeney - Concept - Used as Layout Ref https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LYxP

Corey hill midsummer corey hill process

Midsummer's Afternoon Lighting Tests/Design Process

A Midsummer's Afternoon (2016)

You may recognize the layout of this scene as it is heavily inspired by Last of Us and John Sweeney's concept art for the ranch Ellie runs away to. However, per my own preference, I really like to use the layout and concept as a base foundation and move forward trying to tell an interesting story. With this scene, I wanted to really execute a scene that firstly felt lived in. In the past I've struggled with organic clothes and so I made it a point to explore Marvelous Designer 5 with this project. The blankets and clothes were executed with MD5 and their unique UV system, from there I exported the objs into Substance Painter and after applying base materials from Painter I custom edited alpha pngs and created a quick 2048x2048 texture sheet of logos to stamp on the clothes. Finally, my second most important element was an interesting and warm lighting setup. Rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Re-uploaded some earlier screenshots and briefly updated some renders.