The Great Escape (2017)

Corey hill 01

Beauty Shot 01

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WIP Texture Pass 01

Corey hill 26685384 10213947807956648 3815356449340912468 o

WIP Texture Pass 02

Corey hill 26757219 10213967649652678 4334736969636308203 o

Upper Loft 01

Corey hill 26757937 10213967649932685 3489505200989644214 o

Top Down Layout - Unreal Engine 4

Corey hill 08

Detail Lighting 02

Corey hill 09

Detail Lighting 03

Corey hill 14

Texture Sheet Master Ref

Corey hill devel 93

Maya House Early Design Pass

Corey hill devel 92

Maya Lighting and Design Test (Loft) 01

Corey hill 23593765 10213486652188042 7060843450230361024 o

Level Blockout - Maya 01

Corey hill 23550852 10213486652828058 2144246413504392781 o

Level Blockout - Maya 02

The Great Escape (2017)

For this project it originally started out as a bit of a re-work that's documented on my artstation blog. My plan was to quickly refresh my portfolio to update it with a bit more visual spice, some cinematic style visuals. While my intended goal for this project was as realistic as my skill set currently can offer, the project ended up turning into a bit more of less realism and more story telling and style. As a child I developed a profound love for beaches, even to this day I can remember the feeling of the sand as a child, the pure innocence of my surroundings. NOTE: The Bird was created by my friend Matthew Thurston. Foliage is from Speedtrees tree asset library and the rock assets are from infinity blade and I did not create them. Rest of the work is all done by me.