The Botanist's Sanctuary

Many years ago there was a botanist who's passion for plants led him to his own isolated sanctuary. Here with the sun surrounding him at all sides he tends to his plants and the plants provide him sustainability. My main goal behind this project was the exploration of speed tree, foliage, and unique concepts and lighting. Based on Thiago Klafke's ZEST modular set pieces. All work is my own and my version except for the Snakeweed Yellow Flowers.

Based on the amazing Thiago Klafke's Zest Foundation concept which can be found here:

Corey hill highresscreenshot00052

Beauty Shot 01

Corey hill highresscreenshot00053

Beauty Shot 02

Corey hill highresscreenshot00054

Beauty Shot 03

Corey hill highresscreenshot00057

Detail Lighting 01

Corey hill highresscreenshot00055

Detail Lighting 02

Corey hill highresscreenshot00056

Detail Lighting 03