The Great Escape: Almost Ready for moving in?

General / 10 January 2018

Hey cool kids! Update time!

Man, this beast has been a long time coming! If you import all the pieces separately its over 880 props and propsets!

Unreal Update 002:

This is probably the first visual update that you guys can see both the base textures I laid down on the house, paired with the greymesh I spent a week or so planning out.

One of my favorite things about Artstation and their blogs is now my ability to go back and bring up previous images to refresh people on the original layout. So without further ado let's recap shall we?

Original Visual Update:

First Re-work Idea(Wasn't a happy camper):

Porting some of my old assets (Kitbashing some others); 

Note:  Trees and Foliage are from speed tree and are in no way mine =) Huge time saver.

Generally settled on comp(Suprised myself):

Re-works can be worth it if you put in effort!

Unreal Engine Lighting Update 002:

As someone who prefers to be in engine set dressing and storytelling, this phase is always far and away my favorite. 

Cheers, Happy Wednesday guys!