Mother Winter
Corey hill highresscreenshot00001

Beauty Shot 01

Corey hill highresscreenshot00003

Beauty Shot 02

Corey hill highresscreenshot00004

Beauty Shot 03

Corey hill highresscreenshot00005

Beauty Shot 04

Corey hill highresscreenshot00006

Beauty Shot 05

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Beauty Shot 06

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Detail Lighting 01

Corey hill highresscreenshot00009

Detail Lighting 02

Corey hill highresscreenshot00010

Detail Lighting 03

Corey hill highresscreenshot00012

Detail Lighting 04

Corey hill highresscreenshot00011

Detail Lighting 05

Corey hill highresscreenshot00013

Detail Lighting 06

Mother Winter Breakdown (Sketchfab)

Hey folks! Finally got around to re-doing the lighting and composition shots on this one. Just wasn't all that good before and I think stood out a bit too much in a bad way before. Diggin' it now though and hope you guys are as well! Cheers!

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