Corey hill beauty shot 01

Beauty Shot 01

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Beauty Shot 03

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Beauty Shot 04

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Beauty Shot 05

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Detail Lighting 02

Corey hill detail shot 03

Detail Lighting 03

Corey hill corey hill postergirl

Computer Workstation: Solo Asset

Corey hill progression

Progression Shots

Corey hill hill 01 01

Base Image Ref. Credit John Sweeney

Combat Rock!

Based on the amazing John Sweeney's Concept art from Last of Us which can be found here:

Growing up as a girl in the 80's was interesting to say the least. Based on the Ranch Scene from The Last of Us I decided to create a room with a punk rock girl growing up in a small town kind of vibe. The Clash and the Ramones but with some modern day twists. Her heart is stuck in the 80's but her soul always left her with more to desire. I present to you Combat Rock!