Retrogasm: A Study in Life is Strange
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Featured on DONTNOD's Front Page with Social Media Link to Twitter. (Creators of Life is Strange.)

Hi Guys! I am so so happy to present my latest work to you guys based around Dontnod’s gorgeous and inspiring game Life is Strange. My goal was to both study how they did layout design for their rooms as well as how they handled the fidelity of their spec/roughness, one of my personal weaknesses. So without further ado I am happy to present my study entitled Retrogasm. My goal was to take the personality of Chloe, and tweak it to tell a different story. While keeping the rebellious flair, I also wanted to embrace some of the artistic side in the retro cheesy movie posters era. This presented some design challenges in keeping values in tune with each other but hopefully for the most part I accomplished my goal. Thank you guys so much and I truly hope you enjoy this!

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